On 27-28 April two SOUL-FI training workshops were held back-to-back in parallel with the TII annual conference in Barcelona. This was an opportunity for 12 Soul-Fi’ers, who have received funding from the SOUL-FI accelerator to develop a Smart City app or service, to receive coaching from innovation support professionals to assist with the management or marketing side of their business.

The first day’s training was provided by TII member, Magnus Klofsten, father of the Business Platform method, who helped the start-ups to assess the 8 critical cornerstones of their business (idea, product, market, organisational development, core group expertise, prime mover & commitment, customer relations and other relations). In the process, this helped the companies to understand better which areas of their business required special attention in order for them to succeed and grow.

Sue MizeraOn the second day, American born Sue Mizera, a communications and strategic branding veteran based in Switzerland, took the participants through their paces in a very hand-on approach to help them discover their brand’s unique message and then to communicate it through online media by means of thought leadership and content strategy. Sue’s exercises and advice were highly commended by the Soul-Fi’ers in their evaluation of the course.