We, the SOUL-FI team, want to thanks also ourselves for all the effort and the passion put in every thing we did, we started as a group of professionals working together for our dear Europe and we ended being friends working to support the European territory.

Instituto Pedro Nunes

Team: Carlos Bento (Coordinator), Nuno Varandas , Susana Lourenço , Mónica Ferreira,  Carlos Cerqueira , Jorge Pimenta, João Nogueira, Miguel Laginha, Ricardo Vitorino, Alcides Marques, Gouveia Leal, José Ricardo

“We just hope that SOUL-FI was the beginning of a long journey for all the companies that work with us! Good luck and do not forget us when you become an Unicorn! :)”
Carlos Bento

Fondazione per la Ricerca e l’Innovazione

Team: Andrea Arnone (President), Alessandro Monti, Marco Scerbo, Micaela Surchi, Francesca Brenzini, Valeria Rossi, Emanuele Turchini

“What a voyage! Thanks to all of you, we tutored you but we also learned a lot from you, the braveness of the start up, the touch of innovation and most of all we really felt your FI-WARE vibe and it was a really great feeling!
We are such stuff as dreams are made on, says the Bard and you truly embodied this thought.”
Fondazione per la Ricerca e l’Innovazione TEAM

Agencia de Innovación, Financiación e Internacionalización Empresarial de Castilla y León (ADE)

Team: Jorge Izquierdo, Montserrat Fernandez, Maria Paz González, Camino Gutierrez, José Diego, Javier Garcia, Isabel Peláez

“A regional immersion in the future internet concept and a step forward in the knowledge and promotion of cascading funds to third parties. Amazing real involvement of SME’s.”
ADE Team


Team: Roland Nobels, Guillaume Desclée, Olivier de Duve, Jozé Zurstrassen, Thibaut de Briey

“Congrats to those amazing entrepreneurs who create such creative and incredible products and services that really will change the way we live in our cities!”
MyMicroInvest Team

Delft University of Technology

Team: Frank van der Hoeven, Stefan van der Spek, Pirouz Nourian, Siebe Bakker, Dré Kampfraath

“SOUl-FI introduced us in the wonderful world of startups, and we loved it!”
TUDelft Team

Technology Innovation International

Team: Christine Robinson, Maria Augusta Mancini, Francesca Chieruzzi, Xueying Yi

“What a great experience working with such dynamic and enthusiastic entrepreneurs. It has been a really exciting and productive exchange of knowledge and experience. We will all remember our Soulfiers!”
TII Team