At the first cut-off date in the SOUL-FI Round B Open Call on 30 April, a total of 109 proposals had been received, of which 36 were finally selected for funding. The 109 proposals came from 19 countries, with the majority of web entrepreneur teams coming from southern Europe as in the first two A Rounds. On average each team included between 3 and 10 persons. Just under half of the proposals (49) had also participated in the SOUL-FI Round A Open Call.


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As far as the breakdown of Smart Cities sub-domains is concerned, the proposals covered the spectrum quite evenly with 8% of projects in the tourism and resources domains, 10% in energy, 13% in quality of life and 16% in mobility and environment. By far the biggest sub-domain was “other” which indicates both the breadth of smart city applications and the difficulty of categorizing them.