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Today, a growing number of European citizens are choosing to cycle to school, work and for shopping. This trend is great news for most of us aspiring to live in smarter and greener cities. Unfortunately, many neighborhoods are not safe and convenient for cycling. One of the problems with most biking directions applications is that you are never entirely sure how safe the biking route is before setting off. For instance, many of these applications usually suggest roads you would never consider cycling on and ignore far safer and quieter roads. We propose a solution to address this issue by allowing anyone to preview their cycling rides from the safety of their own home.
Cyclodeo is a dynamic website that synchronizes maps, GPS tracks and cycling videos in one page. It allows cyclists to visually check route characteristics including, safety, traffic levels, local points of interest and landmarks before they travel.

The Team

Samir Bendida Founder Background in Electrical Engineering, born and raised in Paris. Based in NL

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