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Brain-e is an energy engagement platform to connect citizens to their energy. It aims to align the needs of energy consumers with those of utilities and energy producers. We feature an interactive interface and several functionalities – which range from gaming to online communities – to engage with citizens on several fronts. We are also developing an innovative algorithm to improve energy consumption forecasting. Both of these features will promote operational benefits for public utilities, help utilities engage with their customers and contribute to generalized energy savings and energy- efficient practices.

The Team

Luis Guerreiro: Founder and majority shareholder of the company, CEO, team leader, business development, algorithm designer.

João Figueiredo: Founder, partner and shareholder, CTO, software developer on all fronts, technical coordination, infrastructure manager.

João Rei: Co-founder and minority shareholder, works as a freelance consultant in algorithm implementation and back-end development.

João Pimentel: Co-founder and minority shareholder, works as a freelance consultant, full-stack web developer.

Ana Caetano: Designer, works as a freelancer, responsible for the ‘look’ of the services platform.

Pedro Ferrão: Developer, works as a freelance consultant, embedded software and game developer.

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