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Qold - Cold-chain monitoring for everyone.

Qold offers real-time monitoring and notifications, by connecting users with their monitoring devices in a seamless way. The aim of this project is to help the user get the best of a wide range of equipment, track their temperature, and ensure the quality of the goods they are responsible for. Monitoring the temperature of such systems is key to fulfilling legal requirements and ensuring that no goods are wasted. However, the current approach for most small and medium-sized businesses is to do this manually, as most automated solutions are expensive and require a significant upfront investment. Instead of a complex setup and costly upfront investment, our solution is designed to be cheap to install and require minimal to no initital investment.

The Team

Rafael Jegundo: CEO, bridging technical skills with business focus.

David Bento: Prototyping.

Daniel F. Lopes: Business.

GonçaloLouzada: Business and code.

José Ribeiro: Development

Miguel Tavares: Developer, data scientist

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