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Many years ago cars did not have central locking; the doors had to be unlocked one by one, first the driver’s door, by putting the key in the lock, and then the others. The central locking system emerged later where the driver’s door lock commanded all the others. More recently, remote controlappeared and with the rise of smartphones, applications that unlock the car.

The purpose of our project is not cars but buildings, and in particular smart buildings which are like cars that already have central locking but still have no remote control. We want to provide intelligent buildings that have KNX technology with a remote control. KNX is a global standard for buildings automation.

Our objective is to create a gateway that connects FI-WARE with KNX systems and allows the remote control of buildings fitted with KNX technology through a web or smartphone app.

We would love to make smart houses even smarter.

We propose the development of an app that not only gives remote control to the building but also gives its owner the skills to add functionalities to do it by dynamically changing their own apps to meet their needs/requests

The Team


user-icon-silhouette-ae9ddcaf4a156a47931d5719ecee17b9André Lizardo:

Developer, caffeine addict, music lover and geek.


user-icon-silhouette-ae9ddcaf4a156a47931d5719ecee17b9João Campos:

IT developer, devoted developer and creative engineer.



Web developer and creative problem solver, avid reader about science and serial entrepreneur.




Designer, marketer, sales strategist, creative person and a doer.


user-icon-silhouette-ae9ddcaf4a156a47931d5719ecee17b9Vasco Gouveia:

Co-founder, leader, developer, positive-minded person who is always tinkering with something.


user-icon-silhouette-ae9ddcaf4a156a47931d5719ecee17b9 Vítor Garcia Graveto:

CEO and developer, loves to work in a group and as a team. Combines KNX, civil engineering, development and management skills.Volunteering is a hobby.

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