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FI-WATER aims at developing a FI-WARE-based water monitoring and decision support system (DSS) for city water utilities and authorities to allow the smart operation of water networks, ensure the quality of the water in near real time and enable remote leak detection. The DSS will make use of a very innovative sensoring device developed in the frame of FP7 project WIDESENS (Sept 2013-Oct 2015) that allows water quality monitoring (pH, conductivity, redox potential and chlorine) and leak detection through pressure sensing. The WIDESENS sensors use a microelectronic technology superior to traditional water quality sensors that shows better features to be deployed in a widespread manner: low cost, low maintenance, easy installation, small size and ultra-low energy consumption.

The Team

Alejandro Ballesta:Technical Engineer

Antonio Chaparro:R&D&I Project Manager

Fernando Ruiz:Human Software Developer

Ignacio Garcia Vega:R&D&I Project Manager

Juan Carlos Delgado Jaramillo:Software developer

María José DíazSánchez:Project management

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