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Weather ex Machina

Weather ex Machina

Weather ex Machina aggregates and compares third-party weather forecasts with real-time weather conditions in order to measure forecasting accuracy per location and forecasting provider.Often one forecasting provider performs better than others at specific locations. As a result, we can tell you, “out of ALL these forecasting agencies, THIS one offers the best accuracy for YOUR location, so this is the one you should trust”.

In order to do this, we use real time data from thousands of public weather stations; but we don’t stop there. We are developing a unique mobile app that will collect your own weather data using a number of techniques, essentially turning your mobile phone into a weather station. We use this information to make even better personalized predictions for you and the people around you.

By using existing underutilized data, cutting-edge technology and unexploited approaches, we will provide personalized hyper-local, weather forecasts of unmatched accuracy.

The Team

ManolisNikiforakis,CEO,has a BEng, MSc and 12 years of experience in management, analysis, R&D, deployment and testing of demanding large scale projects.

VassilisChrysos, Community manager, holds an MEng in production and management engineering, and has 15+ years of experience as a scientific associate, technical manager and community manager.

StratosTheodorou is a UI designer and mobile software engineer, with MEng, MSc and 6 years of experience in R&D.

YiannisGkoufas is a middleware developer, with BEng, MSc and 7 years of R&D experience.

As a team we have performed R&D at the National Center for Scientific Research “Demokritos” for a number ofFP7 EU projects involving a wide range of technologies, with an emphasis on mobile apps, embedded hardware, sensors, location based services and geographic information systems. Previous projects include:OptiTrans,TASS andDITSEF.

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