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The FI-Dict2me platform offers an innovative step forward to provide European Public Administrations (and end-users, i.e. citizens) with an easier, more reliable and cost-effective service that allows information retrieval from the public data available in the FIWARE ecosystem.

The underlying market is mainly driven by the increased demand in multimodal interfaces and mobile access: digitalization of working procedures and natural language interaction with the internet are the new challenges in the coming years.

The current ICT ecosystem,which is centred on platforms, applications and data within the Internet, makes hardware/packaged‐software obsolete. However, the type of interaction with services running on a range of different devices is not appropriate foror compatible with the experience of ease, comfort and concentration people like to enjoy. Although important multi-modal interaction research efforts have been carried out during the last decade, a definitive solution has not yet been proposed to industry/society.

The Team

Alberto CalvoTorrijos: CTO with an MSC in Computer Engineering.
Francisco J. Muñoz Mozos: Managing Partner with a Master’s degree in Telecommunication Engineering from Polytechnic University of Madrid and Executive MBA from IE Business School.

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