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The project aims to harness the power of Viur’s data analysis and visualisation know-how to connect and work with multiple data sources in order to apply it to a Smart City ecosystem. Gathering information from systems that provide data covering the Environment (air quality, weather), Mobility (public transportation, traffic), Tourism (occupancy rate, satisfaction, returning rate), Government (departments’ quality of service, time per case, criminality) and Energy (city consumption levels, growthe in efficiency),will result inthe creation of a platform that allows both government and citizens to have a consolidated view of the city and allow them to act together, based on Key Performance Indicators, to prevent or improve and thereby have an effect on the overall quality of life.

The Team

David Custódio: Web developer and growth hacker committed to building useful & usable stuff.

Pedro Almeida:CEO passionate about coding, data, hacking and entrepreneurship.

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