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Trip Dashboard

Trip Dashboard

Trip Dashboard seeks to improve the way that the global hotel industry creates offers, using real-time information and by predicting the future. Hotels have perishable assets, meaning that they need to take quick and informed decisions each day regarding prices, markets and segments to invest in. Nevertheless, the information they have today is often outdated, expensive and has low business relevance.We help hotels to make more-informed decisions based on insights produced by analyzing information regarding offer and demand and presented via an intuitive cloud-based dashboard with graphical representation of tourism and business indicators – tourism statistics, tourists’ profiles, trends, predictions and business performance comparisons against the city or a competitive-set -, thereby providing tips for optimization. We are building a cutting edge solution, based on the latest technologies, capable of collecting large amounts of data from different sources, performing data analysis and producing business insights.

The Team

Luís Pinto MS: Manager, entrepreneur andsoftware engineer.

Núria Farias: Manager with a specialization in quality and lean management.

Carlos Campos: Software engineer.

Álvaro Sampaio: Designer.

David Soares: Web developer.

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