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Todai is a geo-location based marketing platform that allows businesses to attract and interact with customers who are close to relevant positions. Todai offers a solution that also aggregates multiple social third party information on consumers or visitors activity. By combining these tools, our customers can create and put into practice intelligent marketing campaigns based on the location and trends of consumers.

Together with a mobile app counterpart and developers API, businesses and public entities can create a campaign that will be sent to their customers when they are close by to the location registered. A wide range of rules can be set up to create innovative ways to interact with the public in general. In this way, businesses, institutions and municipal bodies can have a common platform to interact with their target users by significantly increasing their campaigns in outreach and information awareness.

The Team


todai1 André Santos: Co-founder, constantly amazed by new ideas and actions that can change and

improve everyone’s day



todai2Jose Jacinto: CEO and software development leader, worked in major telecommunications

companies before starting his own company.



todai3Miguel Crespo: Design, branding and UI/UX web and graphic designer, worked for a number

of agencies during his career.



dai4Pedro Miguel Gama: CMO, marketing and sales; logical but driven by passion, a marketeer who decided to leave the comfort zone and challenge the probabilities of happiness.

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