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MACAO: Mapping Comfort Availability Outdoor

Outdoor comfort is generally an index of the quality of urban life, but most often it is simply identified through real-time measurement of temperature, humidity and ventilation. The evaluation of this parameter is performed by offline tools used to design city layout optimized for outdoor comfort, based on generic and fixed conditions, and often parameters like pollution, noise and crowding are disregarded. Presently no information relating to overall outdoor comfort within a given area in real-time and online is available in any smart city. This is the need which MACAO addresses. The MACAO project will provide an overall outdoor comfort index based on a combination of environmental parameters and will be reported on the city map in real time. It will use urban open data to evaluate, through dedicated models, environmental conditions, traffic noise and pollution and population density. This data will be elaborated in space and time across an urban area using a multi-criteria analysis model and processed using FIWARE enablers for data access, input/output management, computational distribution and geo-visualization. Based on this, an outdoor comfort index and related comfort context information will be provided interactively to the user through both mobile and web-based terminals, reported also in terms of KPI (Key Performance Indicators). The proposed approach intends to provide both an online outdoor environment monitoring service based on the presented comprehensive comfort index, and a predictive system to forecast any outdoor comfort variation on the basis of specific decisions by local authorities, as well as assumed or expected environmental conditions or urban layout modifications. The project aims to increase the quality of life of the urban population, provide decision makers with the necessary information to optimize urban development to maximize outdoor comfort and benefits and allow the population to identify and select specific urban area for their outdoor activities.

The Team

Iacopo Borsi (Senior Environmental Modeler) is a specialist in environmental codes and models, as well as their dissemination and customization.
Vittorio Faluomi (Business Development Manager) is skilled in managing the market up-take of innovative solutions and drafting business plans.

Chiara Donati (Environmental Engineer) is the company’s commercial and financial advisor, skilled in EU project management.

Marco Bonizzi (Chief Software Architect) is a software developer supervisor and experienced user of FIWARE technology.
Luca Cassina (Environmental Engineer) has good experience of environmental monitoring, thermal analyses with thermal cameras and meteorological modelling.
Grazia Carra (Consultant) is a commercial and financial advisor, skilled in EU project management.

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