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  • Domain:Mobility,Environment,Tourism,Quality of life
  • Country/City:London,United Kingdom
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CityTourer serves people wandering around a city with a real-time, personalized, green city touring assistant, able to suggest routes of interest based on their wishes and crowdsourced knowledge from the social web, while suggesting a reliable programme to follow and offering other services based on the location and context of the user.

The Team

Dimitris Panopoulos: Operations, marketing and public relations engineer with MBA and PhD in ICT & DSS; entrepreneur/co-founder of Suite5 Ltd., responsible for the management and implementation of large ICT projects.

FenaretiLampathaki: Co-founder, engineer, passionate about research & innovation, social media, analytics, data interoperability & future internet applications.

Sotiris Koussouris: Co-founder, engineer, passionate aboutIoT, wearables, mobile apps, analytics&social media.

SpirosKoussouris: Co-founder, passionate about making use of ICT, Web2.0 and novel technologies for solving technical problems.

SpirosMouzakitis: Co-founder, web developer and research analyst.

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