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SPERO – Smart Decision Tools


The goal of this project is to develop and comercialize an innovative set of web-based products directed at organizations (public or private) that carry out activities related to management and maintenance of facilities and networks in an urban environment. Named “Spero”, these products are based on the paradigms of the Internet of Everything, cloud computing, collaborative systems and empowerment, paradigms that mark a shift to a new era of opportunity for consumers, businesses and governments.

The product’s basic functionality allows citizens and company clients or employees, who are in touch daily with urban facilities/networks to report geo-referenced occurrences (anomalies, problems) which call for repairs or intervention, by means of a mobile device. The system may be setup to interact with social networks and, through them, allow reports to be followed, commented and cross-checked.

Spero includes a professional backoffice that receives, organizes and analyses the incoming occurrences with scientific decision-support tools. The tools inspect the relevance of the occurrences and rank/classify them, emitting (upon request) automatic alerts for urgent cases and periodic reports. All this helps in designing optimized intervention plans. Incorporation of these tools is one of the more innovative aspects of Spero and adds to its value proposition

The system architecture is based on cloud concepts, it is very flexible and continuously adapts to the specificities of each city or organization. Cloud usage permits virtually unlimited scalability of Spero and its application on a global scale. Spero has two components: (1) reporting and monitoring, which is open to the public to participate and may incorporate already existing open data, and (2) the backoffice, which is for professional use by organisations, to be comercialised on a license basis.

The Team


spero1Alcides Fonseca: Software and data architect, FIWARE expert/consultant.




spero2Bruno Cabral: FIWARE expert/consultant, entrepreneur, faculty and researcher at the University

of Coimbra, Portugal.



spero3Eduardo NatividadeCEO, entrepreneur, professor and researcher with a PhD in Civil Eng.




spero5JoãoCoutinhoProject manager and scientific coordinator, full Professor, FCTUC, University

of Coimbra, PhD in Civil Engineering.



spero4Jorge GranjalFIWARE expert/consultant, entrepreneur, professor and researcher at the University

of Coimbra.



spero6LuísAlçada-Almeida: Algorithms programmes (FIWARE & web programmers coordinator),

professor of computer science at the Faculty of Economics, University of Coimbra and researcher at



spero7Nuno SousaSystems analyst and assistant professor, UniversidadeAberta. PhD in Physics.

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