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EAGLE (Enhanced Authentication with GaLileo dEvice) is an innovative device, which integrates a high-precision GNSS receiver with the capability of authenticating the position through the GNSS satellite signal recording, the I.D. satellite tracked, and their position in orbit.
The business idea can be summarized in providing an authentication and high precision positioning EAGLE device to private or public owned vehicles, in order to manage the access to downtown areas, in a more flexible and smart way.
Basically EAGLE introduces the possibility of a “Fluid Limited Traffic Zone”, in which fixed gates are no longer the standard method to regulate dynamically downtown access.
Instead PA (Public Administration) can manage traffic in a new smarter way, implementing differential access to the city centre, for example, in relation to a political rally, block- based pollution data, urban air quality and commercial activities.
The project aims to build a new standard for city mobility and the automotive industry with the implementation of EAGLE as a mandatory device in the future.
The EAGLE device can be sold directly to the PA that requires it, while the definition and provision of related services will be under the responsibility of the PA, which will be free to choose the best way to implement the features and service that EAGLE can offer to regulate the traffic limited zones.
Alternatively, the system can be sold to the PA service provider.
The core element of the system architecture is a cloud-based end-to-end interface which is capable of collecting and managing the continuous amount of data generated by EAGLE and other car sensors.
These device features are optimal for several applications on the automotive market, particularly related to mass transportation, logistics, law enforcement, transport of high-risk materials (nuclear waste, oil and chemical components), but also for mass market applications, especially relating to insurance and road safety.

The Team

We are a highly skilled and motivated team of 5 people, whose skills originate from the aerospace industry and international business.

Alessandro Di Felice, CEO, is a skilled manager with more than 15 years’ experience in Italian and international companies like Serco and Telespazio;
Mirko Antonini, CTO, is a GNSS and satellite communication expert who is a member of numerous international scientific societies;
Corrado Cervellati, Business Development, is a motivated young international relations graduate with international experience and expertise in FDI and SEZ;
Gianluca Atzeni, System Engineering, is specialized in hardware development with a thorough experience of R&D activities in the CNR (National Research Council).
Alessandro Mariotti, Testing And System Maintenance, is our «boot on the ground» where he conducts tests and reports.

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