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PG Planning Police

Short description of the app/service 

years, it has specialized in the research and development of a solution which tackles work shift assignment problems. Their research has focused on a major algorithmic study to resolve this type of problem, which is classified as a NP-complete problem. At the same time, the company has developed Cloud Technology components, such as a task dispatcher and an auto-learning system to improve both user experience and the innovation component. PGPlanning software is the result of all this work, which is based on the development of a specific solution to solve work shift assignment issues in different sectors. This particular app, funded by SOUL-FI, focuses on the solution PGPlanning Police, which specifically addresses a solution for shift assignments in the police force. This project stems from the interest shown by local government and their need to solve their work shift scheduling problem.

The software is developed with JAVA, XML and runs on Open Source technologies. The application of FIWARE helps to present the data in different devices such as PCs, tablets and smartphones.

As beneficiaries of SOUL-FI Round A funding, the feasibility study and business plan convinced the team of the app’s potential for successful development and market deployment.

Problem being addressed / business opportunity / USP

The app offers the opportunity to solve the complex issue of planning shifts in local police departments. Currently, it is addressed, not always efficiently, by using spreadsheets. Planning is complex because of the security needs and availability of policemen in the city and the need to evaluate multiple variables, such as location, qualifications of the police staff, number of resources, holidays, etc. There are also lawsuits, claims periods and specific demands that must be managed effectively to provide a good service. The need for an application that reduces computing time and management and offers a secure and affordable computing solution from anywhere is a reality.

PGPlanningPolice offers an application in a cloud environment accessible without facilities or infrastructure, with an efficient use of resources.

The Team

Angel Luis Llorente, CEO Globales: customer relations (

Mario Criado, Project Manager: tasks, milestones, project supervision (

Mª Carmen Miguelañez, Consultant: requirements and customer relations (

María Frías, Mathematical Expert: algorithms performance and key partner relations (

Alfonso Rincón, Development Manager: software and database analyst, FIWARE analyst (

Javier Manso, Java Programmer: engine development, data connection, FIWARE developer (

Enrique Arribas, Web Programmer: web interface, FIWARE developer (

Miguel A. Merino, Systems Engineer: cloud infrastructures and data center (

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