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Cities currently generate abundant geographical/societal information that is hardly used. Citizens do not have access to this information and as a result cannot find an answer to some of their doubts, questions, interests or needs relating to their life in the city.
SoftcomputingCyL, a company that develops IT projects for different sectors, proposes HandyCity as a solution to this problem. The application will process all this information in order to be offered to the citizen for his/her own use.
HandlyCity will obtain data from every neighborhood or district through several indicators such as the level of education of the population, degree of security, delinquency levels, social services, shops, park/green areas, public transport, health and environment, etc. The system will compare and use all this information to give answers to the differentl questions asked by the citizen, thereby improving their quality of life by letting them make decisions based on truthful and diverse information.
HandCity is different because of its geographical and social character and its purpose to provide a real vision of the place in which we live, its evolution and needs. The way in which information flows is related to the interests of the citizen.
The business model proposed by HandyCity will be based on publicity and especially on subscriptions by companies, businesses, organizations, institutions, associations, etc. There will be different subscription options depending on their nature and their need to send customized information, inmediate or scheduled, to different profiles of citizens.

The Team

José Antonio Muñoz Andrés: Senior technician experienced in the development of computer applications, IT project manager,database designer, software developer.
Manuel G.Paredes:Senior software developer.
Susana Núñez González:Project management from the documentary and financial point of view, graduate in environmental science, expert in business models and advertisement.
Víctor CarriónHontoria:Senior technician experienced in the administration of computer systems,software developer, IT administrator.

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