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Safe People Security Service Project

What if we could have avoided the loss of innocent lives in terrorist attacks or crowd movements? The solution could be simpler than we think…

“Safe People Security Service Project” analytics service helps police, public authorities, security personnel and venue managers to find out all about crowds of people and how they behave. We can identify patterns of behaviour that indicate abnormal situations or predict and alert to potentially risky situations. Local police can access a real time dashboard to know how many people are in a venue, such as a concert hall, a sport stadium or nightclub; the system can raise the alarm when limits are exceeded and prevention actions can be ordered. Information managers can use this information to prevent risky situations and help with security planning and controlling public spaces.

Our main goal is to develop an information and actuation system integrated by a wireless connected sensor network and an analytics Big Data system which track phone signals (everyone, especially young people, carries a phone and every phone is transmitting signals continuously) to provide information in real time about individuals, traffic and flows of people in open spaces, both public and private. The system will provide statistical data about the flow of people, journey times, traffic levels, etc. and makes it possible to understand client behaviour.

Our system also helps to make data-driven decisions that attract, engage and retain clients in the retail industry.

The Team

Jesús Pastor: CEO, IE MBA (3rd MBA worldwide according to Forbes MBA Ranking, August 2011), MSc in Marketing, BA in Business, Telco engineer, with 16 years’ experience at Telefonica.

Amor González: CMO, marketing, BA in Psychology, 25 years’ experience at Telefonica.

Jose Maria Cortina: CTO, IE MBA, Telco engineer, 15 years’ experience at Telefonica.

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