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The project targets an innovative radar-based solution to detect cyclists on the streets. The solution is geared to public bus drivers and companies as well as lorry drivers and companies that operate on the streets of European cities. The solution comprises a miniaturized SiGe BiCMOS integrated radar front end, antenna and processing electronics on the hardware side that will be mounted on a vehicle and scan the sides of the bus/lorry to identifycyclistswho otherwise might not be seen by the driver. The signal from the radar will be fed to a smartphone/tablet or other display that will run a dedicated app which will notify the driver visually and by sound that a cyclist has been detected. The app will be connected to internet and the information will be merged with Google maps or similar for enhanced presentation. The app will also keep track of the identified cyclists, their position and how they move relative to the vehicle for tracking in case of an accident. The aim of the project is to design and prototype such an application that will accompany SIRC radar. The solution will enhance the safety of cyclists on our streets as their numbers continue to grow throughout Europe’s cities. The solution will contribute directly towards lowering the number of accidents involving cyclists and vehicles and will make European cities much more friendly towards cyclists.

The Team

RadoslawPiesiewicz: Company found and technology entrepreneur

MalgorzataPiesiewicz: CEO

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