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Smart SoS-Net

Smart SoS-Net focuses on the creation of two different channels of information.
The first one is an application for smartphones that will allow citizens to be informed in real time about relevant parameters in the city, such as traffic density or pollution, thereby helping them to choose a better route.
The second focus is the creation of four different capabilities that will contribute to improving and increasing the update of city databases, thereby supporting the development of other solutions based on the collected data.
The capabilities are going to be:

  • Provide RT light conditions
  • Provide RT noise
  • Provide RT traffic density
  • Provide RT pollution

These will be created thanks to a real time urban data collection technology system using the existing public transport routes. It will increase the functionality of public transport at the same time as providing a low cost collection system with its mobile sensor network. We will obtain data from all along the routes.

Our challenges are:

  • Help the environment:
    • by reducing CO² emissions and the energy used for urban transport and halting climate change and improving air quality.
  • People awareness.
  • Become an optimized Smart City:
    • Increase data collection using the public transport network and new wireless technologies;
    • Facilitate access to and use of this information in increasing public awareness.
The Team

Alvaro Diaz Aguilar: Technical manager, telecommunications engineer and FIspace business architect.

Elisa Quintero López: Marketing and advertising, publicist specializing in digital and social marketing.

Francisco Jiménez Pascual: Hardware developer, hardware/firmware engineer with experience designing analogue/digital circuits.

Purificación Amaya Trinidad: R&D business developer; proactive, highly motivated, passionate and with leadership skills.

Rafael Alcaide Orellana: Software developer and FIWARE expert, telecommunications engineer and FIWARE developer.

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