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FREE BaSe: Free and Open Bike Sharing

FREE BaSe is an innovative Free & Open bike sharing system based on recycled bicycles which are made using old bikes repaired by volunteers in bike laboratories all around the city.
Using a rubber bracelet with an electronic sensor, customers can use bicycles that are located at the collection points or around the city; through the application installed on their smartphone (or PC), they can, for instance, download city guides with tourist trails, e.g. wine, cultural, artistic, religious, crafts and shopping tours. Once the tour is finished, the customer can leave the bike anywhere or at a collection point. The final product combines various sectors in view of effectiveness and environmental efficiency: computer science and electronic equipment are assembled around a product, i.e. the bicycle.
The target is heterogeneous, but we can identify: tourists, city residents as “casual tourists,” the customers of bookshops, libraries, hotels, those who enjoy cultural and sporting events and students.

The Team

Rodolfo Grimani: Coordinator

Luciano Bozzi: Technical coordinator

Gabriele Burnelli: Production of sensor prototype

Priyadarshini Ashwin: Production of server prototype

Cecilia Castillo: Production of mechanical bike components

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