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AUTO - AUtomatic TOlling - Smartphone-based electronic collection system

AUtomatic Tolling (AUTO) is an electronic toll collection service based exclusively on smartphones. By relying solely on a smartphone and its geolocalization sensors (GPS) and connectivity (3G, WiFi, Bluetooth), AUTO offers a solution that provides more flexibility to its users: no need to pay cash or use a credit card (all payments are done through the smartphone app directly to the toll company) and there is no need to stop at the tolling station.
Forget the extra tag or dongle attached to a specific vehicle, AUTO does not need that! In addition, since no infrastructure is required at the paying stations, AUTO offers a reduction in maintenance and operational costs to the toll companies.

The Team

The team is made up of the two founders of Rokubun:
Xavier Banqué-Casanovas, (half-time) acting mostly as business developer and interfacing with the clients. He gathers requirements from the clients so that they can be integrated into the technical requirements of the solution and supports the technical activities on a needs basis.
Miquel Garcia-Fernandez, PhD, (half-time) acting as system designer and engineer as well as technical developer of the team. He is responsible for technical activities as well as interfacing with external companies when outsourcing is required. Miquel also supports Xavier on the definition of solutions for the customers, making sure they meet requirements.

Video of the team:

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