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Urban mobility is strongly affected by parking availability (up to 30% of traffic is generated by looking for parking), increasing traffic jams and bottlenecks due to time spent searching for parking; this also leads to higher energy consumption and lost time. Improving communication around the location of available parking in urban areas is still a challenging task due to a series of parameters which must be managed but which are affected by a significant degree of uncertainty:

  • online reservation capabilities with no advice;
  • availability of parking spaces in real time;
  • location of parking spaces within a parking area.

All of the above issues can be managed by tackling the problem with a combination of a reservation engine and a space location and management system, georeferenced, cloud based and available through mobile terminals which networks the automatic parking cashiers from which data regarding availability and location will be taken. The main goal of the MyPARK project is the implementation of this model in an integrated package providing:

  • An online reservation tool which, interacting with a classical navigation system (Google Map), will automatically select the parking space based on user requests and will direct the client toward the selected space;
  • An online payment tool which collects payment and indicates the number of the parking space;
  • A communication system indicating the place and occupation time of each space;
  • A monitoring system which controls the matching of occupancy of the space with the request, and communicates with the surveillance system in the case of abusive occupancy and with the customer to allocate an alternative space;
  • A central accounting system which manages all the parking spaces and updates in real time parking availability based on usage, reservations and waiting lists.
The Team

1 Project Manager (full-time): Giovanni Celentano has a long experience of managing ICT solutions for large Italian companies.

4 Senior Developers (full-time): Francesco Panicucci comes from the area of research, engaged in international projects for sustainable development; he has developed considerable expertise in complex and innovative projects. Daniele Gazzarri has ten years’ experience in app development. Alessandro del Monaco develops and maintains web applications on critical services. Francesco Castrorao Barba has many years’ experience in GIS.

1 Business Development Manager (part-time): Simone Bracaloni is very skilled in managing the market uptake of innovative solutions, including the definition of business models and business plans.

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