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The City Game

The overall objective is to grow The City Game, the mobile application that educates motivates and rewards good actions around the environment and society, into a massively popular application and to place it in the hands of citizens world-wide in order to help them with achieving a more sustainable lifestyle and spreading the word. The opportunity lies in the development of a high-growth business around the commercial opportunities that arise with some of these socially and environmentally good actions.


With TheCityGame, it is the first time that gamification, social networking, and real-time “reporting of good” have been brought together to create a unique platform for millions across the globe to socialize, have fun and at the same time act responsibly in respect to the environment and society. In a few words a typical user case resembles the following: The user opens the application, sees which good actions they can perform by browsing through them or by seeing other users’ performed actions, learn about the importance and the impact of an action, perform the action and verify by taking a picture, earn points which serve as a social indicator of “how good you are”, challenge other friends to do the same, and finally redeem these points for gifts.

The Team


citygame1FotisMerakos:COO, responsible for organizing and getting things done.




citygame2Ioustinos Sarris:CEO and business developer, who has participated in and/or founded4 startups.




citygame3Thomas Papaspiros:CTO, entrepreneur (x3), (code/life) hacker and world traveler.

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