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“Improve Your City” is a communication platform linking citizens with their city council in relation to Smart City solutions and is based on three fundamental pillars of Open Government: participation, collaboration and transparency.

The platform provides different channels and communication tools, both for citizens and for city councils. Citizens can send service requests, suggestions and ask questions via a mobile application, thereby transforming themselves into sensors around the city. On the other side, the city council has access to a back office that allows it to manage the requests sent in by citizens, consult statistics, generate work orders and monitor the work of their suppliers.

IYC integrates Open 311 & Open API standards. It has a powerful events management system that allows third parties’ systems to be informed every time a module is updated. These modules provide a very good solution for integrating IYC with other existing systems.

Improve Your City’s architecture can make use of many FIWARE services, and it can be a Generic Enabler that local councils can use to manage their requests; and they can be managed as well by service companies. Furthermore, the use of services like the Context Broker makes it possible to increase the capabilities of generating and maintaining the council’s open data infrastructures.
IYC’s mobile application can be fully customized through the back office’s wizards. This customization is related to the appearance and the modules that are available to users.

The Team

Our management and marketing team (2 persons) work together. Their main aim is to present MTC to potential clients and analyse users’ needs. We have been focusing on giving visibility to the project and MTC has been accepted in different competitions and programs like Pasion>ie, Momentum, Startup4Cities and Madrid Smart Lab.

The developers (6 persons) work with the management and marketing team to obtain a full understanding of the software’s requirements.
Only our UX designer (1 person) is working part-time.

Javier Pascual – Founder & CEO
Caterina López – CMO Mkt & Product Dev
Diego Gómez – CTO Backoffice Dev.
Jorge Hernán – COO Backoffice Dev.
Fernando Moro – Backoffice Dev.
Guillermo Cique – IOS & Android Dev.
Yhondri Acosta – Android Dev.
Carlos Ramírez – Android Dev.
Sergio Peña – UI Designer

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