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SensorCities. Information service for the citizen generated by SmartCities based on FIWARE

Nowadays, cities generate a lot of information that is not usually used. Citizens do not have access to this information and therefore, they cannot find an answer to some of their doubts, questions, interests or needs related to their surroundings.
SensorCities is an app designed and developed to facilitate the control and monitoring of noise. It allows both citizens and security forces in simple terms to find out the acoustic pollution level (noise) existing in a certain place in a city in real time just by connecting to the mobile phone application from anywhere.
The application is designed for cities that have previously installed noise sensors and whose data is available to the public. SensorCities can therefore make available to the ordinary citizen all the data collected by the sensors that until now was only accessible to the public administration or to citizens by way of information panels located at specific points in the city.
The app allows the user to find out in real time or via delayed information the noise pollution in different places of interest around the city (city centre, stations, main thoroughfares, etc.), as well as to consult graphs and trends according to the day of the week, the hour or the time of year.

The Team

Susana Núñez González has a Master degree in Environmental Engineering Technology/Environmental Technology and Quality. She has more than 7 years of experience managing projects of this type.

Aurora Ávila García graduated in Administration and Business Management. She has experience in market studies and business plans.

Raúl Rebollo Moreno graduated in Administration and Business Management. He has more than four years of experience in project management

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