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Experts in the field of transportation agree that having more people use non-motorized transportation more often is critical to sustainability, economic development and good public health. Practising non-motorized forms of transportation (walking and biking) is essential to finding solutions for some of the biggest challenges of our time.

A European Project called ASTUTE has identified the ten principal barriers which impede progress in increasing walking and cycling in cities across Europe:

– Safety and security concerns

– Congestion and air pollution

– Inadequate information

– Inadequate urban environment and design

– Lack of infrastructure and support

– Insufficient provision and maintenance of cycle lanes, walking paths, cycle parking and inter-changes with other transport modes

– Poor public perception and lack of awareness

– Accessibility and health issues

– Lack of publicsSector support

– Lack of education and training

We want to help people overcome the barriers which impede progress in increasing walking and cycling in urban areas. With our app it will be easy to move around by choosing what matter for us for experiencing the best of these active ways of urban mobility.

Our app maps rates and gives routing suggestions about the pedestrian/biker-friendliness of streets and urban areas.The app is not a simple navigator that takes you from A to B, calculating the shortest distance, but is a powerful and disruptive tool that will change the way of how a route is calculated.

To do so, we combine structural information about the streets (like type of streets, presence of pavements or cycle lanes, crosslights, speed limits and so on) with environmental indexes, open and crowdsourced data. The benefits expected are not only in terms of well-being of the users or

reduced pollution but also more awareness about ourown neighbourhood, an increase of social interactions and the growth of the local economy.The app can be very important for children and people who suffer from asthma and pollen allergies.

The Team


qmaps1Angela Corbari: GIS professional, consultant in agriculture and natural resources management.



qmaps2Leonardo Alberto Dal Zovo: Senior developer and data manager.

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