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NTAXI is intended to become an integral solution for taxi fleet management, taximeters and taxi bookings, as well as the receipt of taxi requests by the driver, using a mobile device.

Taxi fleet management module: access to information about the characteristics, the status and the location of all the taxis in a given area in order to match the best placed taxi with the booking received. Taximeter: the taxi driver can replace the traditional device with a more user-friendlymodel in the form of a standard mobile device of a medium/large size. Taxi booking module: customers can book in a simple, quick and intuitive way, using their mobile phone. Moreover, they will have the option to book a taxi some days in advance or to check their booking history in order to repeat a booking or to remind themselves of the data. Taxi booking receipt module: the taxi drivers will receive alerts with the information of the bookings received, the customer’s location and the number ofpeople to be transported.

The Team


proconsi1Anabel Vázquez Iglesias: Quality manager




proconsi2ConstantinoLázaro: Project manager




proconsi3Cristina Moneo del Val: Programmer analyst




proconsi4David Jañez Gonzalez: Programmer analyst




proconsi5Diego Salas:Programmer analyst




proconsi7Francisco Gutierrez García: Programmer analyst




proconsi8Gonzalo Casado Fernandez: Programmer analyst




proconsi9Guillermo Vicente Ferrer: Programmer




proconsi10HéctorDomínguez:App developer




proconsi11IvánMartínezBarrio : App developer




proconsi12Miguel Blanco Fernandez : Designer




proconsi13RaúlOrdásFernández: Marketing manager




proconsi14Rodrigo Gómez Malmierca: Programmer

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