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SA4U: Smart Atmospheric Alerts for You

Asthma is associated with enormous health care expenditures that include both direct and indirect costs. It is also associated with the loss of future potential earnings related to both morbidity and mortality. Despite the availability of effective preventive therapy, costs associated with asthma are increasing up to $56 billion each year in the USA alone.


Since prevention is a major issue with respect to respiratory illnesses, how can smart cities technology help people, health authorities and planning bureaus? Advanced smart cities have a duty to provide well-being to the population that lives and works there by harnessingnew technologies. As far as air and particle pollution levels are concerned, smart technologies must provide not only accurate real-time alerts for the population, for example when ozone concentration exceeds the legal limit, but also make predictions and recognise patterns.


The goal ofSA4Ul is three-fold: (1) use public transportation that maps the most important areas of the city to install inexpensive real-time sensors; (2) analyse and issue respiratory alerts to the population based on smartphone apps and web; (3) populate databases with relevant data (open and closed platforms) for GIS platforms for risk management and minimization, and environmental research.

The Team


user-icon-silhouette-ae9ddcaf4a156a47931d5719ecee17b9Ivo Pimentel: Business development, graduate in business and administration, marketing, MBA.




prime2Paulo Caridade: CEO, graduated in geography in 2011, founder of PrimeLayer.




prime3Pedro Caridade: External consultant, PhD in theoretical &computational chemistry, atmospheric modeling.

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