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PAPELclub – Gamified vertical platform for the literature ecosystem

PAPELclub is an entrepreneurial initiative by people who love books and want to make something great by putting together writers, editors, readers and obviously books.


Our team comprises five people who intend to cover most of the aspects required to turn an idea into a feasible solution. We include entrepreneurs and people with an entrepreneurial spirit; experience in web and technical development including FIWARE; experience in project execution, business development and commercial management; experience in book-editing and logistics; experience in marketing and communication; and of course, with a great love of literature.


As a gamified vertical platform, PAPELclub is focused on the literature ecosystem. It is available as a web platform and mobile apps accessible to every person who loves to read. It will provide support to the kind of dynamics that occurs in a readers-club, such as the publication of events and news, groups and member management and attendance, get to know your local community of writers, recommendations and debates around authors and books, as well as an optimal sharing of books across members and friends.


We have built off-line prototypes and tested the most crucial aspects like monetization with several success cases. Now it is time to develop the technical solution, and for this venture we decided to build it with FIWARE technology as our philosophy goes in accordance with open-data and smart-cities initiatives.


This is a cultural project, but it is also an economically viable one. We get revenues by optimizing existing activities and providing more value to our users – better and higher visibility. For the community, we help to empower local actors like writers, authors, event organizers and reading-clubs and bring them closer to their public – the book lovers: our users.


“…where real literature lies within the people behind the words”

The Team


ogma2Jorge Francisco de Benito Montoya:Coordination, technical leader



user-icon-silhouette-ae9ddcaf4a156a47931d5719ecee17b9Olga Franco Alonso:Communication and social networks advertising and public relations



user-icon-silhouette-ae9ddcaf4a156a47931d5719ecee17b9Pedro Perez Grande: Founder, business intelligence architect, entrepreneur and literature lover



user-icon-silhouette-ae9ddcaf4a156a47931d5719ecee17b9Ricardo DiezVillamañán: Technology developer

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