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myWalli: Social & Mobile e-Loyalty cashback platform with Gamification Features, enabling consumers

myWalli is a unique social & mobile cashback e-loyalty platform with gamification features that brings together merchants and consumers, enabling consumers to get cash back instantly while they are shopping.
Through our innovative communication platform myWalli, we help merchants and brands increase user loyalty and engagement across social media, web, mobile app, in-store and machine experiences and generate demonstrable additional revenue, influence user behaviour, achieve specific business goals and measure and optimize user engagement.
Combined with a Facebook app and its social features, myWalli offers the fastest path to the development and delivery of loyalty and engagement initiatives.
We want to connect specific categories of consumers (e.g. tourists, students, etc.) with a large merchant network. We will create a connected common place – a large local marketplace with great brands, where consumers have access to buy their daily necessities: supermarkets, restaurants, live events, hotels, fast food, coffee shops, shopping malls, petrol stations, etc.
Loyalty mechanics, gaming algorithms and financial incentives help us enhance customer awareness and drive them to our member stores, thereby making myWalli an integral part of their daily lives. We will build a business with a singular focus on delivering value for our customers and merchants. For consumers, that means great value on daily shopping and an instant cash payback deposited on their savings account. In this way, merchants get new customers and increase the loyalty of existing ones. Using myWalli as an innovative communication platform also helps merchants generate demonstrable statistical data of customers’ shopping trends as well as additional revenue.
Our solution is a classic mobile application which can be easily applied to all smart cities, with a view to promoting better quality of life for all citizens and merchants through loyalty, motivation and mutual benefits in the retail ecosystem.

The Team

Τotal employees involved for Round A & B: 8 (5 full time & 3 part time):

Full time:
1.Theofilos Mylonas with expertise in entrepreneurship, finance, IT & new business development will be responsible in PM & S/W Analysis, as CEO & CTO.
2. Sergios Fotiadis, Senior Developer – Head of Developers.
3. We will hire talented people based on our project needs: three (3) Junior Developers, one of them will be Stavros Salonikeas, Java Expert.

1.Sotiris Mylonas, with expertise in finance and daily operations, will be responsible for budget & finance and ensuring that all aspects of daily operations run effectively and efficiently as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer.
2. George Papazidis with expertise in marketing and sales, will be responsible for marketing/sales & customer service as Chief Marketing Officer.
3. Ioannis Salmatzidis, with expertise in EC projects and Large Scale FP7 projects and as a member of IEEE, will be Consultant in software development & analysis.

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