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The main objective of the project is to create a software and hardware platform for companies to encourage them to promote a new lifestyle and philosophy focusing on the welfare of their employees.
The main functions propose sports and physical regeneration activities as well as mental training combined with proper nutrition to promote a state of well-being and mental and physical equilibrium.
The main focus is wellness, which can be considered as an extension and evolution of the fitness concept, which sets the individual free from stress and trauma through sports and fitness exercises. This concept has spread throughout the world together with the consciousness that today’s society exposes people to many diseases caused by psychophysical states of stress.
The basic principles of the project are to improve employee health, increase corporate involvement and strengthen interpersonal cohesion through the creation of events designed to improve, spread and as a consequence contribute to the development and growth of the city/area.
Bands with individual classifications will be created through data entered by employees and data owned by users in wearable devices and smartphones, in order to offer them the possibility to equalize their performances and facilitate commitment and personal improvement. An emphasis will be put on consistency rather than one-off performances in achieving goals, either personal or proposed by the company.
In this way, the project will be able to create a network of users, united to achieve common goals for different purposes: psychophysical relaxation, overall well-being, cohesive development of the city/area, for example “The day of the bike “or ” The day of public transport ” or ” Museum days” or ” Organic/health festivals”, etc.

The Team

Walter Cavalcante: Marketing manager and business development, digital entrepreneur and mobile communication expert since 1995;

Maurizio Moriconi: CTO and mobile developer;

Marco Barbonese: Grafics expert;

Salvatore Verzura: Software engineer.

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