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Maria Ortells

STKA, Spare Time Kids App

STKA is the App that is going to revolutionise the organisation of families’ free time and activities for young children. Thanks to STKA, smart cities will be able to offer new services that will improve urban life and the quality of life of their citizens by taking care of their family leisure time.
At present, there are no other Apps that show in real-time what activities are being organised for our youngest citizens. STKA offers this possibility with all kinds of activities such as open-air activities, theatre performances, get-togethers, clothes, food and toy shops, etc. all based on a geo-location system that will help parents to plan their activities with children, even when on holiday (thanks to the module that will analyse the trips introduced by the user ). Maps will guide the user directly to the places where the chosen activities are being carried out. This App will help to promote local businesses by bringing what they have to offer closer to potential clients who are in their neighbourhood, and businesses, event organisers and other family activities will have the possibility to publicise their offering and interact with the end user. With the help of the FIWARE platform, STKA will be able to connect to cities’ open data and also offer complementary information that will improve user satisfaction, e.g. traffic, weather, etc. A payment gateway will make it possible to book and pay for the chosen activities directly, so with just one mobile app it will be possible for users to find out about activities, book them and pay for them as well. Other interesting information, such as start times, will also be offered and inevitably it will be linked to the social networks, making it possible to create a local community interested in activities for young children.

The Team

Maria Ortells has worked for several years in international markets and has specialist skills in international trade and market research/analysis. She had the original project idea after detecting this gap in the market and she will be in charge of networking and contacts.

Julian Somovilla is an IT Engineer. He has wide-ranging experience in web technologies and programming (J2EE, Visual Basic, C++, ORACLE, SQL server and Access) and is specialised in software and architecture development. He will be responsible for the integration of FIWARE.

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