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FLOUD is a cloud service able to automatically extract meaningful traffic statistics from a video stream, such as the number and type of vehicles passing by. The platform receives incoming video streams, either taken from a recorded file or from a camera live stream, and allows the user to configure one or more measuring locations, typically placed along the road lanes. The system can detect and count vehicles moving on motor lanes (such as cars, trucks, buses, bikes), as well as bycicles or pedestrians moving on dedicated lanes.

The Team


magenta1Nicola Torpei: Interaction designer, user interface architect and developer of interactive

solutions for urban spaces as well as systems for the use of open-data and their integration

within the smart cities ecosystem.

magenta2Walter Nunziati: Co-founder and owner of the company, innovation-oriented

entrepreneur with a PhD specialization in computer vision; his main role is to work on

innovation opportunities.


Stefano Peruzzi: Independent computer software professional.

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