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3SmartData: Simplifying under Standard data structures the publication of Smart City Open Data

This project aims at simplifying and facilitating the publication of city open data under standard data formats, structures and vocabularies, so as to optimise and increase uptake and use by potential data reusers.

The project will provide cities adopting FIWARE with the technology to automate extraction, transformation (into standard data formats, structures and vocabularies) and load datasets in their open data portals. Use is made of FIWARE generic enablers: CKAN, Context Broker and BigData. Primary focus is given to the datasets that have been prioritised by the AENOR Technical Norm “PNE 178301. Ciudades Inteligentes. Datos abiertos (Open Data)”, led by LocaliData, using the vocabularies and data structures identified in the norm.

Our proposed service offering addresses a need that has not only been identified by LocaliData, but by many other competitors and stakeholders, including those who will have to take decisions on using our services. Specifically, in the recent Spanish FIWARE multi-site event (15-16 October 2014) data heterogeneity and the lack of agreed standards for open data was one of the recurrent problems identified by city managers, experts fro the tourism sector, the Ministry of Industry, FIWARE managers, etc.

Our value proposition specifically addresses city information managers and city data consumers, and is based on the following two axes:

  • Ensuring a higher efficiency in data publication processes for data producers: we reduce the amount of resources that need to be spent in this process, since many tasks that are currently done manually are automated and optimised with our solution;
  • Allowing higher effectiveness and reusability for data consumers: data published by cities is always up to date and offers higher quality, according to standard data structures and vocabularies, and without the need for intermediaries, thereby accelerating the process of implanting applications in different cities (develop one and deploy everywhere).
The Team


localidata1Esther Minguela: CEO, entrepreneur and coordinator of the Spanish Smart Cities Open Data group.

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