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INES-FI- the first one stop solution for integrated urban mobility services powered by FIWARE

Kiunsys – an innovative start-up/spinoff from Pisa University – provides cities with innovative hardware (sensing and RFID), software products and services for the efficient management of key urban mobility (Smart Mobility), parking (Smart Parking) and city logistics (City Logistics), while also reducing the environmental impact of private and commercial traffic..In 4 years Kiunsys has become the leading solution provider in Italy for mobility and parking management, supporting over 30 cities to improve their management of mobility and traffic congestion and reaching more than 4 million Italian citizens.

Today 64% of all kilometers travelled are urban and the volume of travel within urban areas is expected to triple by 2050. The connected city can therefore be a promising solution.

Kiunsys seeks to offer the first connected mobility platform overcoming the fragmentation of the existing silo systems, hardware and software, for urban mobility services, and support the integration of multiple applications to deliver integrated, more effective and higher quality services.

Our core platform, INES Cloud, is already able to connect to many urban road infrastructures (i.e. parking sensors, LTZ gates, VMS, etc.) managing a huge amount of data and processes; however it still needs to enhance some key aspects to reach its goal of embracing open standards for interfacing more third party systems and so opening the product to future technological evolutions within the IoT and Big Data.

Our objective is to exploit some of the FIWARE GEs to add new key features and services to INES Cloud, thereby becoming the one-stop solution for managing all the operations related to mobility, parking and city logistics in cities of any size.

The idea is to greatly improve INES Cloud in two directions:

1)            To evaluate and later integrate one or more of the 4 Backend Device Management GEs (NEC IoT Broker Configuration Manager, Orion Context Broker, Backend Device Management – IDAS, Configuration Manager – IoT Discovery). This will enhance INES’s connection with the IoT world in a more radical way, by supporting more standardized and easier interfaces with on-field urban devices (sensors, actuators and related gateways) for devices management, acquisition of data streaming, data elaboration and action triggering;


2)            To integrate PROTON CEP GE (Complex Event Processing). This will greatly enhance INES’s capability to process the increasing volume of urban mobility operations and services by enabling the platform to tackle in real time more complex event-driven, action-reaction mechanisms.

The Team


kiunsys1Alfredo Salvatore: President/founderand hardware CTO, atelecommunicationsengineer, keen

on electronic systems based on radio frequency technologies.



kiunsys2Francesco Romanazzi: Software CTO with more than 15 years experiencein urban mobility.




kiunsys3Paolo Lanari: CEO and founderwith over 20 years experience as an entrepreneur.

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