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Connecting Hospitality brands with their customers quickly and easily, Journie keeps you and your team on top of developments.


Customer Insight:
We analyse and filter through billions of data sources daily to highlight and present the high quality and most relevant conversations around your brand.

Market Insight:
A real time market intelligence solution, allowing on site management, marketing and digital teams to have a finger on the pulse of developments around your brands.

Customer Engagement:
Have meaningful connections with your customers. Journie provides a quick, easy and valuable solution to nurture relationships efficiently.

A quick and easily digested summary of what’s relevant to you, what’s resonating with your customers, and keeping you and your business ahead.

We work alongside leading establishments and groups throughout the UK & Ireland, identifying opportunities to increase revenues, resolve reputation crisis scenarios and uncover highly influential individuals around their brands that were previously unknown.

We’re helping Digital & PR agencies globally work more efficiently and to a higher standard than has been previously possible and allow decision makers to remain aware, act and make informed decisions quickly.

The Team

Neil Burns: Founder and CEO, Business I.T. from Queens University Belfast; Intel Ireland Client Services, floorform Ireland – Commercial Manager.

John Donnelly: COO, Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.), from UCD; Finance, QFA, currently studying for CIMA, Client Relationship Executive Bank of Scotland (Ireland) Limited, Assistant Manager KBC Bank

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