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TaxiMotions – a new taxi experience

TaxiMotions is a business intelligence platform to help taxis adjust their supply to customer needs. We are revolutionizing the way taxis are getting customers!

  1. With our DEMAND FORECAST machine learning algorithms, taxis will always be in the right place, at the right time. Based on real time traffic/incidents they will be able to choose the best route to follow.
  2. With our 2-sided MOBILE APP passengers can easily get the best placed taxi that fits their needs at any moment. They can choose the origin or trip destination from a list of real-time hotspots.
  3. For individuals, we have a prepaid wallet or real-time electronic payments. For companies we have a postpaid system.
  4. We are also promoting prepaid vouchersfor tourist itineraries, transfers and hourly-based vouchers (half-day, one-day).

We have also developed OPEN API’s, so any taxi community, multimodal transportation app or other dispatch system can benefit from TaxiMotions algorithms applied to their own market.

Taxi managers can manage in real time their whole fleet and the services they provide. With one click they can export all data to their accountant. Through a similar online backoffice, individual or corporate passengers can accesstheir travel activity and manage their account.

In addition to the technological side of the project, TaxiMotions is building a network of partnerships to promote cross-selling products and maximize the advantages of using the system both by taxis and passengers.

With TaxiMotions we are contributing to a more intelligent, inclusive, flexible and sustainable transport system.

The Team


taxi1Bernardo Alves: CEO and project visionary, leader, planner, decision maker and responsible for

public relations, an entrepreneur eager to solve mobility challenges.



taxi2Paulo Albuquerque: CTO, responsible for the strategic direction of the infrastructure, architecture, development and outcomes; passionate about all the tech based projects in which he is involved.

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