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OneCare Move

Intellicare has two products on the market – OneCare Safe to monitor indoor and outdoor activity and OneCare Sensing to monitor physiological parameters. Both products address the Active and Assisted Living segment of the Silver Economy market. In 2015 we will launch OneCare AAL which provides end-users and caregivers the capability to monitor and control the home environment. To close the loop, we need to provide a solution to empower elderly people to go out of the house, thereby increasing their quality of life by promoting social interaction, autonomy and mobility.
OneCare Move is designed to serve two purposes: the first serves as an entry point for new clients to our solutions; the second complements the services provided to existing clients and lets them know about the full set of services we have to offer. All OneCare products are designed to be both independent and complementary, with one central back office to provide one point of contact for caregivers and system administration and governance.
The key reason to have multiple products stems from the need to provide differentiated solutions and sell them as needed to elderly customers. OneCare Move will provide the tools to:
– reduce negative feelings associated with ageing as it will promote social interaction and strengthen social bonds and provide adaptive support by pushing notifications to end users;
– increase mobility by challenging end users to attend events outside their home and provide a quick method to ask for help;
– increase caregivers’ involvement by providing asynchronous communication tools and allowing them to receive notifications of events on potential interest to end users.
We have chosen FIWARE because the technology will enable a fast development of the application and offers enough tools to integrate the new services with the existing OneCare back office system.

The Team

António Damasceno: Project manager and senior architect with an MSc in Informatics Engineering and an MSc in Software Engineering

Pedro Marques: Senior software developer with an MSc in Informatics Engineering

Marisa Malva: Business developer with an MSc in Public Administration

Luisa Matos: Innovation director and project reviewer with an MSc in Economics

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