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NavIT- Navigator Infomobility & Ticketing

Public transport in large European cities is used by various categories of the population: workers, commuters and tourists. Sometimes it can be difficult to obtain the tickets in advance and find an available sales point. Ticket fraud (i.e. failure to buy or unlawful possession of a ticket) poses a significant economic problem for companies managing local public transport. This contributes to increased demands to subsidize the industry, while citizens need more services. The phenomenon produces both social inequality and generates significant losses of revenue for transport companies; there is now a much larger focus on the problem by the main stakeholder, since the fraud rate has risen well above a psychologically acceptable level.
As far as tourists are concerned, they often do not know the city they are visiting. NavIT will guide them to their final destination, simplifying use of the public transport system and providing a unique ticket sales point. The same app could also provide tickets for events.
NavIT is a smart application that integrates different systems and offers a range of services to help public transport users: satellite navigation system; traffic monitoring so that it can determine the fastest route; indication of all public transport available to reach a destination (bus, subway, train, bicycle, car sharing, car parking); indication of any routes to walk; purchasing tickets and preventing fraud.

The Team

Mauro Antico: Electronic engineer with an MBA, Board Member and CTO, head of the Cloud Transformation department, Prince2, Itilv3, CISA, MoR, VCTP.

Alessandro Morlacchi: Project manager with a technical degree. Results oriented with a deep knowledge of quality and organizational issues.

Fabio Bisegna: Researcher at Università degli studi di Roma “La Sapienza” in the Department of Aeronautical Electrical and Energetic Engineering.

Fabio Lombardi: Electronic engineer focused on e-health and embedded smart systems.

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