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geoCMSiNovmap, a content management system for interactive geographical data

iNovmapping is an ICT company that develops web-based products and services combining traditional geographic information systems with geo web tools. Our tools allow the interactive exploration of ever-changing geographic content, by combining geographical data from multiple sources with various processing and presentation algorithms. The company also specializes in 3D modeling for geo web platforms, such as Google Earth and Maps.

This project concerns the development of a geoCMS, i.e. a solution that comprises the features and capabilities of both Geographical Information Systems and Content Management Systems (CMS), thereby allowing customers to easily produce and publish interactive maps.

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are concerned with the storage and retrieval of information of a geographical nature. As an example, the administrator of a GIS can store the location of places that satisfy a given criterion whereas other users can find and visualize which of those places belong to a certain region. The main distinguishing features of these systems concern the format of data entry, available methods for data selection and the flexibility regarding possible means of transformation and visualization.

Content Management Systems (CMS) offer features that allow the storage and retrieval of information – often structured and of multiple media types – in an intuitive, easy-to-use, non-technical manner. Frequently, these systems are a tool that administrators use to manage and publish content that is delivered to their users in the application’s front-end.

Combining the features of these systems in an integrated and coordinated manner will lead to synergies that add significant value to the end-product and actually increase the diversity and scope of the technologies available in the market.

Nowadays, the search for geographical information related to virtually every physical entity is commonplace. Therefore, the main purpose and added value of this system – easy-to-use solution for storing and presenting geographical data – has immeasurable potential to satisfy the range of users’ – increasingly higher – expectations. Finally, since the connection to geographical data is ubiquitous, the types of organizations and businesses that can benefit from this kind of technology are countless.

The Team


inov1André Santos: Degree in Computer Engineerig(+ Masters) from the University of Coimbra




inov2Hugo Grácio:Master Degree in Law, Economics and Political Science from the Université Paris




inov3Hugo Zé:Master Degree in Law, Economics and Political Science from the Université Paris




inov4Luís Miranda: Degree in Geography from the University of Coimbra




inov5Pedro Moura: PhD in Psychology from the University of Aveiro




inov6Rogério Coelho: Degree in Geography from the University of Coimbra

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