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We all have different tastes but there is always one question that troubles us most – Where should we go? Whether it is about sightseeing in a city we just visited or on our night out, we always want to know where the crowds and our friends are located or have the tendency to go, both during the day and in the evening, every day of the week. The answer to this question can help us decide effectively, based on additional parameters, such as our mood and our location. SPELL is a freemium, cross-platform mobile application, able to provide dynamic, real-time information and updates to users, businesses and public service providers about points of interest that attract people. Furthermore, it also has the ability to predict the crowd density at a given location on a given date. In order to achieve this, SPELL will gather and analyse open big data that correlates to a city and its population. This data will be collected from the application itself, social media (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Gowalla, etc.) as well as additional dynamic sources of public information. Moreover, in its backbone analysis, data deriving from weather forecasts about a given location will be correlated. The users of our mobile application will simply “cast a SPELL” and will be presented with automated answers to questions such as: Where are the crowds? How many people are attending this event? Where are my friends? Where do people usually go on a Saturday night out? In future versions of SPELL the application will be able to provide real-time information about the crowd density at a given location to public service providers, such as the police and the fire department. An important concern of SPELL is the protection of user privacy, based on, but not limited to, a series of anonymization techniques during data processing. SPELL system’s architecture and user interfaces will be based on the FIWARE OpenStack-based cloud hosting capabilities and its rich library of components (e.g. for big data analytics).

The Team

Alexandros Papanikolaou: CEO & Co-founder of InnoSec, has a PhD in Computer Science (Cryptography and Information Security).

Christos Ilioudis: Scientific Director and Co-founder, is an Associate Professor at ATEI of Thessaloniki.

Dimitris Georgoulas: Research Project Manager, has a PhD in Wireless Sensor Networks, and MSc in Internet Computing and a BEng Internet Eng

Marios Golikidis

Manolis Souleimanis

Antonis Manaras

Ioannis Chalkiadis

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