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Inno4Less is a start-up created to develop intermodal logistic solutions

Over the past few decades, Multimodal Transport Network has been thought of as a key factor in the performance of supply chains. Using the various modes of transport in this combination Multimodal transport can help reduce the environmental impact of freight transport, improve economic performance as well as reduce road congestion.
Recent research on the Physical Internet (Pi) concept proposes a logistic interconnection between operators, comparing the logistic problems to digital interconnectivity with encapsulation, interfaces and protocols.
This reorganisation based on the interconnection in multimodal logistics services can merge freight flows and thereby improve efficiency.
The LowC project designs a new multimodal container for a specific market application (small lot logistics) providing a modular operation to be developed around a new tiered/layered container design. The concept effectively reconfigures a 20’ container and uses each layer as a compartmentalized tier for palletized cargo. Each layer could be moved independently but could also be stacked using ISO locking devices. The compartments are built around a spine running along the longitudinal axis of the layered containers. The container has a composite 1/2/3 tier stack and will be monitored throughout its entire transit in real time for position, status and security.

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