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Exclusivi Hotel & Resort Solution

The Exclusivi solution is an end-to-end engagement platform, combining Smart TV, mobile, proximity sensors & gamification technologies with open & proprietary data sources.
It applies to Global All-inclusive Resorts Industry, aiming to reduce operating costs but at the same time increase guest engagement & satisfaction and improves their relationship with the local community. We want to enhance every step of the consumer journey, generate demand, create personalized guest experiences and increase bottom line for the hotel & local economy.
The core of the idea is to leverage technology & service design so as to incentivize & enable resort guests to replace time spent in passive consumption (costly for the hotel) with time spent out of the hotel (i.e. excursions or town visits) or in under-used in-premise activities (i.e. fitness classes). By replacing passive consumption with rich experiences, we will create a triple win model (guests, hotels, local economies); guests create vivid memories, while hotels’ operating costs are reduced and local business revenue is increased.
The focal touch-point is the room’s Smart TV set, which acts as the beginning and end-of-day control center and information hub. By developing cross-platform connected TV apps, the solution can leverage the existing TV sets of the vast majority of hotels. Using the TV app consumers can i) review available options in & out of the hotel, ii) book activities & transportation, iii) review loyalty program’s point status & redeem points, iv) access rich content about the destination’s culture & unique characteristics, v) share and view user generated content with fellow guests.
All-inclusive resorts are the fastest growing segment in the Global Hotel Industry. The key challenge is up-selling, as guests are locked in the pre-determined price points; thus reducing operating costs is important for profitability. Food & beverages is the single biggest cost element, representing on average 38% of total costs.

The Team

Babis Kourtzis is Business Development Director of Infamous Labs Ltd

Ioannis Foukarakis is CTO of Infamous Labs Ltd and an experienced Software Architect

Konstantinos Tsakalos is CEO and Founder of Infamous Labs Ltd

Theodore Aggelopoulos is Chief Commercial Officer and Co-founder of Infamous Labs Ltd, as well as a senior telecoms professional

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