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“FIndME” | Standardization & Dissemination of Missing Children Alerts on Digital Out Of Home Channels

The main goal of the FIndME project is to transform, using FIWARE technology, the data published by the Spanish Home Office through its “Missing Children” platform, into a maximum-quality OpenData asset, for its display segmented by region, on every single PC Player of the Digital Signage Solution “Deneva”, developed by ICON Multimedia Company.

In addition, it could be displayed on third party Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) solutions, websites or user desktops, through a widget that would allow the widest dissemination of the alert.

The initiative consists of developing a module that will operate in a private FIWARE instance and be closely connected to the Spanish Home Office servers, downloading and amplifying a new OpenData source, with a new Dataset called ‘Spanish Missing Children Alerts’. This data source will be available for use by any subscriber listed in STORE DataSets managed by CKAN at the main FIWARE instance.

Based on this MissingChildren data source, we will develop a new widget that will show a picture and linked information to the Home Office alerts database, as well as a new SmartObject for our Content Management System Solution, called DENEVA.cuatro.

The Team


icon1Alberto Herrero Mañanes:European business development, economist and marketing analyst

with amarketing &sales Master’s degree.



icon2Juan Francisco Mozo González: Creative designer

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