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MOVINFO - project for comprehensive and advanced management of an event that occurs dynamically

Our idea is to develop a system that can solve the mismatch of information that currently exists about events that move around within cities, e.g. demonstrations, parades, historical carriage parades as during the typicalSpanish Holy Week, etc.

This will be achieved by developing a platform that registers data through position sensors and informs local authorities and the general public about the evolution of a well-attended moving event, either as a whole or in parts.It will allow local authorities to have precise information about how the event is evolving as well as an estimation of the number of people participating, so that they can take appropriate decisions on how to act depending on the circumstances.It will allow the general public to have information about the itinerary of the event, and even let them focus on or head for a specific part of it, indicating to them the part that they are closest to.

Our plan is to create a platform using FIWARE Generic Enablers in the parts of it that log information sent by a global positioning sensors network located at the beginning, at some parts in the middle and at the end of the event, plus a device that gives a zenithal vision of it. Once it is saved and processed it will be presented in different ways to target customers through web platforms, and may be used in PC’s, tablets andsmartphones, using Microsoft, IOS and Android platforms.

We have been researching the state-of-the-market relating to this project for some six years and we consider that it has a high degree of novelty. Up till now it is the only existing application that is able to present, in a straightforward way, such a volume of big data on the main platforms, for different administrations and the public, on both local and national level.

The Team


hardtronicFernando Pérez Martinez: Team manager, entrepreneurial spirit with good knowledge of the

latest technological developments.



user-icon-silhouette-ae9ddcaf4a156a47931d5719ecee17b9Enrique Álvarez Sánchez: Director

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