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You monitor your own parking spaces in your own street using either the ParkSharkCam or your own webcam. We turn the image into parking spots. It is as easy as that. You can use it for yourself or you can share it with us. The more people that that share, the more of the city we will map. We will also put our own cameras if we want to fill in the gaps. The information will be available via an API , website and APP.

The current market is super complicated and dominated by solutions involving sensors buried in the ground linked to traffic management systems. On the one hand this is logical because city-wide problems have always been viewed from an industrial viewpoint solved by industrial partners. But this is a different era. Simplification of hardware solutions has encouraged a community of makers to innovate using low cost components typified by the Arduino and raspberry-pi, and to raise funds independently using crowd-funding.

The ParkShark Street Cam is a fully thought through solution which uses Computer Vision to make a smart prediction of parking space availability in urban areas. The algorithm will be kept a trade secret but the method could be used to enhance any situation where a vehicle or fleet of vehicles needs to park in areas of limited availability such as urban delivery places or areas designated for overnight sleeping for truck drivers.We have also applied the same technology to drop off availability for touring buses and delivery waiting areas for local shop owners.

At this stage we need to build a cloud-based management platform which can also be open source and downloadable. We believe that by using FIWARE components to build the system we can gain an advantage when selling to Euopean cities as the software should be accepted by all stakeholders and potential cities.

The Team


glim1Jonathan Carter:CTO and chief technical architect, co-founder of Glimworm IT, Glimworm

Beacons, ParkShark.



glim2Paul Manwaring:Creative visionary, co-founder and creative director of GlimwormIT BV and Glimworm Beacons.

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