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This project will develop the GreenBoard, an electric-assisted kick scooter which aims to restructure completely the “last mile” urban mobility. The scooter will be light, foldable, and easy to carry on any kind of public (or private) means of transport.
The GreenBoard is not a “regular” electric scooter but it is an electric-assisted kick scooter able to support the user during commutes through an innovative set of services that uses a smartphone to connect the physical device to the Internet.
The board will have several sensors embedded (e.g. accelerometer, gyroscope, etc.) that will be able to collect data continuously and store them locally and on the cloud through the smartphone of the user. This data will be analysed and integrated with data coming from several other sources (typically open) such as real-time schedules of public transport, traffic, weather, location of friends, etc. On the bases of these integrated data a completely new class of services will be developed and deployed to the user of the GreenBoard.
The project includes:
– the development of the GreenBoard;
– the development of the GreenBoard App to control and manage the GreenBoard and to use the information stored in the above-mentioned cloud infrastructure;
– the creation of a cloud-based infrastructure to collect data supporting the customer in using the GreenBoard; these data include:
– profiles of use of the GreenBoard and preferences of the customer
– weather and traffic information
– details of the positions of “friends” of the user
– information to support the direct use of the GreenBoard, such as its location (useful also to prevent theft), help stations, positions of friends, etc.
– other kind of information coming from social networks and other data sources, as configured by the end users (like sport tracks, fitness centres, etc.)
– anti-theft engine lock management system
– monitoring system with alert and possible solutions in case of malfunctioning.

The Team

Electronics development and mechanical supervisor: Gianfranco Gabriele is an electronics engineer with experience in the development of embedded systems and in building bikes. He acts as CEO of GBoard.

Software development: Alberto Sillitti and Giancarlo Succi have a PhD in computer engineering with experience in mobile and embedded development.

Marketing and communication: Flavia Gabriele and Stefano Masserini have experience in marketing and communication through the use of new media.

Business development: Daniel Russo has an MSc degree in innovation and management and is in charge of defining the business model.

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